Angel Tracking - Android Mobile Tracking Solution

Fri, 12/02/2011 - 09:09 -- admin
Angel Tracking - Android Device Monitoring System

If you are looking to find the best way to keep track of your children, spouse or employees – then Angel Tracking for Android is the solution for you.  

This highly advanced Android tracking program has been specially designed to provide its users with access to a large array of information.

We empower you the admin to comprehensively monitor / track what's important for you.

What kind of information does Angel Tracking report?

SMS/MMS messages – every single sent and received messages that passes through a Angel Tracked phone, is made accessible through our Angel Tracking Command Center. With this, you will have an idea as to who has been sending messages to your child, spouse or employee(s).

Phone Call Logs – incoming and outgoing calls made on a monitored phone will be reported back to our servers for you to monitor on demand.  Simply login in with your secure login and view call logs from your kid, spouse or employee.

Web Sites – todays mobile phones are extremely powerful and Internet access is at your child's fingertips. Adult sites and other delicate sites which are not child-friendly can be monitored for you to act-on with your discretion. Employees may try to access Banned content through there phones. Are they looking for a new job using your company phone. Put a Stop to this behavior and protect your investment.

Location – Angel Tracking has an extensive built in GPS system that allows you to track the exact the location of your child, spouse, and employee at any given time. The location tracking will also benefit your business by having the ability to track fleet vehicles which in turn will help optimize routes based on data collect. 

Why would someone use A Tracking / Monitoring System like Angel Tracking?

Technology is changing ever so quickly and knowledge is king in todays environment

Family Use

Cell Phone Technology has increased ten fold in the past few years. Parents are challenged with new problems that there children may be faced with. Cyberbullying "involves the use of information and communication technologies to support deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior...

Angel Tracking for Android Devices allows parents put an end to this new enemy by empowering the user to monitor there children's conversations, websites viewed, calls made/received and location.

Tracking Employees

Track Employees. Employers may want a low cost tracking app to enable them to track their employees using company issued cars and cell phones. Gone are the days of bulky GPS tracking devices employers had to purchase and install on company cars. Using an Android tracking app, an employer can easily track their employees to ensure they are not abusing their time out of the office or as a way to locate them in case of emergency.

Feel Free to Contact Us with any suggestions for improvement. Our goal is to help make Angel Tracking the perfect solution for mobile tracking and monitoring.