How-to Installation Guide for Angel Tracking

After purchasing a license follow these detailed instruction. Angel Tracking has two primary ways to install tracking application, please follow the instructions that best suits your needs.

Installation via Device Browser 

Step 1: Login to Mobile Command Center

Using the device(s) you want to install the tracking software on, launch the browser and go to Click "login" and enter your username/password credentials and click the login button.

Step 2: Build Your Custom Tracking Application

In the global menu click "Tracking" This will bring you into the Angel Tracking Command Center. Click the "Download and Install" tab, then select "Click to Build" This will start the process of creating a unique application for that device. When complete you will see a "software created" message followed by a QR code and a "Download Software Now".

Step 3: Download and Install

When the software has been built (i.e the download link and QR code appears) you area ready to download and install.  Simply click on the download link or the QR code to download the tracking application. Once downloaded, click on the .apk file, accept permissions at this point the software is installed.

NOTE*** In order for software to function fully- make sure under device Settings -> Security -> Unknown Sources Allow Installation of non-Market apps is Checked on. Also, to allow for location tracking - enable location under Settings -> Location (check both 'Use Wireless Networks' and 'Use GPS Satellites'.  Finally, restart the device to begin tracking.



QR Code - Quick Install

If you need to install very quickly you have two options, QR code scanning (requires a barcode scanner app pre-installed on the android device) or shorturl install.
After clicking Download/Install and 'build' - your software is created and ready to install. At this point you can scan to the QR code to download or use the shorturl link provided (it will look like NUMBER# - remember that number as it is your personal code for installs - and you can use it to install on all your devices within licensing limits)